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New Products

Join Axxora is a proven sales, marketing and distribution platform for manufacturers of life science reagents. Researchers and purchasing groups visit our marketplace and instantly access our catalog of innovative high quality reagents from our global supplier network. We invite original manufacturers of innovative research products to take the first step toward joining our supplier network by contacting Axxora today. is an on-line marketplace offering thousands of reagents in one location. Access to is free, so users can search, source, and order from a wide selection of research reagents. combines a wide range of important features for the suppliers and customers we serve.

For suppliers

  • Advanced product search capabilities
  • Efficient global operations infrastructure
  • Expedited international delivery
  • Brand specific promotional activities
  • Detailed scientific content and product information
  • Access to a growing global customer base

For customers

  • Advanced product search capabilities
  • Consolidated shipments from multiple suppliers
  • Convenient online or conventional ordering
  • Professional service and product support
  • Local currency prices
  • Easily integrated into purchasing systems

Today over 50 original manufacturers offer more than 50,000 products on This unique product platform is supported by our strong operational capabilities, ensuring efficient and rapid delivery of material to researchers worldwide. If you are seeking a partner with expertise in sales, marketing, and distribution, we invite you to contact Axxora today.