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TopoGEN, Inc.

Dedicated to Studies of Topoisomerase Enzymes

TopoGEN, Inc. provides innovative reagents and kits for topoisomerase research and mechanism-based drug development in cancer.

Kits are available to assay for topoisomerases (I, II, IV and gyrase) and Tdp1, to assay for topo inhibition in cells and to characterize topoisomerase inhibitors. DNA substrates, topo inhibitors, antibodies and kit replacement reagents are also available.

For a description of the Topoisomerase II Drug Screening Kit, one of Topogen's most popular products, please see the featured video link:

Topoisomerase II Drug Screening Protocol in Theory and Practice

This feature offers tips and technical concepts to maximize and accelerate the pace of your Cancer Research Program.


TopoGEN Screening Services

TopoGEN offers a custom screening program that utilizes the kits, enzymes, and reagents we have developed and that our customers have used with success over the past 20 years. Now you can shorten your project timeline and commit our staff of experts to your compound screening pursuits. We can accomplish in days what may take weeks or months for other labs. You simply provide us with your compounds in either a dry or stabilized state at a known concentration or weight. We offer three levels of custom services for topoisomerase I, II, IV, E. coli DNA Gyrase and S. aureus DNA Gyrase. In most cases, the customer knows whether an inhibitor vs. poison is associated with the compound to be tested. This makes custom screening cost effective since it narrows the screening process.

All screening contracts conclude with a final technical write-up reviewed and signed by our President and CEO, with an option for follow-up evaluations by our scientists if necessary.
TopoGEN, Inc.
27960 County Rd. 319
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Tel: (614) 451-5810
Fax: (614) 559-3932

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Human: Neuroblastoma HR Reporter Cell line (SH-SY5Y, Includes I-Sce1 Transfection)
Cell Based Screening Kit Homologous Repair (HR) Pathway in a Neuroblastoma Cell Line (SH-SY5Y)
Human: HeLa NHEJ Reporter Cell Line (Includes I-Sce1 Transfection)
Cell Based Screening Kit for Non-homologous End Joining (NHEJ)
Custom Cell Based Screening Kit for NHEJ (no iHNHeLa cell line control)
Allows Customer to Create a Cell Line Host for a Non-homologous End Joining (NHEJ) Reporter
Human: Hela HR Reporter Cell line (Includes CRISPR-CAS Transfection)
Cell Based Screening Kit Homologous Repair (HR) Pathway in a Neuroblastoma Cell Line (SH-SY5Y)