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BIOLOG Life Science Institute

THE Source for Cyclic Nucleotides
BIOLOG Life Science Institute is an innovative and science-oriented company based in Germany which specializes in tools for signal transduction research. The focus is on nucleotide chemistry with a special emphasis on cyclic nucleotide-based modulators of protein kinases, phosphodiesterases and ion channels.
  • Novel cyclic AMP and GMP agonists and antagonists of high purity which differ in membrane permeability, receptor specificity, kinase isozyme selectivity, and phosphodiesterase resistance
  • Leading supplier of c-diGMP/c-diAMP-related products, N6-modified analogs of ATP-γ-S, Epac-related products, and NAD/cADPR analogs
  • Strong scientific expertise and collaborations with leading researchers foster the continual release of new, unique products
  • Wide range of fluorescent and biotinylated nucleotide analogs
  • Offers the following custom services: synthesis, labeling, and affinity chromatography media

NAD+ and cADPR Signaling

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and its metabolites are ideally suited to their role in cell signaling pathways because of their universal presence throughout many metabolic pathways. The NAD+ metabolites ADP-ribose and cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR) act as key second messengers in Ca2+ signaling. ADP-ribose activates cation influx and cADPR modulates calcium release in many biological systems. The NAD+ phosphate metabolite ß-NAADP is a potent stimulator of intracellular Ca2+ mobilization in a variety of cell types.

The universal prevalence of NAD+ / protein interactions can be utilized in the development of cellular assays. One such example is shown below and incorporates the use of the NAD dependent ADP-ribosylation posttranslational protein modification to label cell surface proteins for detection (Krebs C et al. (2003)).

Enzymatic ADP-Ribosylation of Etheno-NAD+ (BLG-N010) to a Substrate Protein

Etheno-NAD+ + Cell Surface Protein -> Etheno-ADP Ribosylated Protein detected by fluorescence spectroscopy or by an etheno-adenine selective antibody
Reference: Flow cytometric and immunoblot assays for cell surface ADP-ribosylation using a monoclonal antibody specific for ethenoadenosine. Krebs C, Koestner W, Nissen M, Welge V, Parusel I, Malavasi F, Leiter EH, Santella RM, Haag F, Koch-Nolte F. Analytical BiochemistryVolume 314, Issue 1, 1 March 2003, Pages 108–115

New Product
β- ara- 2'- Deoxy- 2'- fluoro- nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (ara-2'-F-NAD+)
Hydrolysis-resistant slow binding inhibitor of ADP-ribosyl cyclase

Also Available
1, N6- Ethenoadenosine- 5'- O- diphosphoribose phosphate (ε-ADPRP)
β- Nicotinamide- 1, N6- ethenoadenine dinucleotide phosphate (ε-NADP+)
β- Nicotinamide- 8- bromo- 7- deazaadenine dinucleotide (8-Br-7-CH-NAD+)
β- Nicotinamide- N6- (2- (6- [fluoresceinyl]aminohexanoyl)aminoethyl)adenine dinucleotide (6-Fluo-10-NAD+)
β- Nicotinic acid- 1, N6- ethenoadenine dinucleotide phosphate (ε-NAADP+)

New Labeled Cyclic Nucleotide and Nucleotide Analogs

Detect, measure, and study interactions of cyclic nucleotides, phosphodiesterases, PKA, and more with labeled cyclic nucleotides and nucleotides from BIOLOG Life Science Institute.

BIOLOG Life Science Institute
Flughafendamm 9a
D-28199 Bremen

Phone: 49 421 591355
Fax: 49 421 5979713

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Bacterial hybrid purine-pyrimidine cyclic dinucleotide
Cyclic oligoadenylate involved in Type III CRISPR-Cas systems in prokaryotes
Pyrimidine c-diNMP analogue
Fluorescent analogue of the metazoan second messenger 2'3'-cGAMP
Mixed purine/pyrimidine c-diNMP analogue


Labeled Cyclic Nucleotide and Nucleotide Analogs
Labeled Cyclic Nucleotide and Nucleotide Analogs 26-Oct-12
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cAMP and cGMP Signaling
cAMP and cGMP Signaling 03-Aug-12
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c-diGMP and c-diAMP in Bacterial Signaling
c-diGMP and c-diAMP in Bacterial Signaling 03-Aug-12
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cAMP Signaling via EPAC
cAMP Signaling via EPAC 03-Aug-12
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NAD+ and cADPR Signaling
NAD+ and cADPR Signaling 03-Aug-12
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Acetomethyl Esters for Intracellular Applications
Acetomethyl Esters for Intracellular Applications 03-Aug-12
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Ko-Libri Library of Nucleosides and Nucleobases
Ko-Libri Library of Nucleosides and Nucleobases 03-Aug-12
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