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Brighten Up Your Research!

EVROGEN is an innovation-driven company founded by scientists dedicated to making successful ideas widely available as efficient products and services for life science research. Established in 2000 and constantly growing, EVROGEN invents, develops and offers novel technologies in the fields of molecular and cell biology.

EVROGEN offers the following products:

  • Fluorescent proteins
  • Antibodies to detect fluorescent proteins
  • Duplex-specific nuclease
  • cDNA normalization, cDNA synthesis and PCR kits
  • Antibleaching Visualization Medium
Scientists ourselves, we aim at maintaining quality and efficiency of our solutions and providing all our expertise to meet customers’ needs. 


GFP Alternatives for Cellular Labeling
Evrogen’s extensive collection of vectors encoding fluorescent proteins provides wide opportunities for subcellular imaging. In addition to ready-to-use subcellular localization vectors, vectors comprising fluorescent protein coding sequences linked with multiple cloning sites allow easy fusion with the protein of interest.

Fluorescent microscopy of mammalian cells expressing Evrogen Fluorescent Proteins targeted to different subcellular structures and proteins

TagFP Vectors
TagFP vectors encode Fluorescent Proteins that are optimized for protein localization/interaction studies and stable expression in long term cultures. TagFPs demonstrate successful performance in fusions with cellular proteins and can be expressed in various heterological systems. Ranging in color from blue to far-red, they provide unique possibilities for multicolor labeling of proteins and subcellular structures.
  • Bright monomeric proteins; excellent performance in fusions
  • Wide color palette
  • For research and commercial use

TurboFP Vectors
TurboFP vectors encode Fluorescent Proteins of different colors characterized by superbright fluorescence and superior fast maturation. These proteins are recommended for applications requiring fast appearance of bright fluorescence, including cell and organelle labeling or tracking promoter activity.
  • Superbright fluorescence
  • Very fast maturation
  • For research and commercial use

cDNA Library Production and Normalization
Save 20% on cDNA library Production and Normalization by purchasing Mint-2 and Trimmer-2 kits under one catalog number EVN-SKN01

  • Cut the Cost of Genome Sequencing
  • Compatible with Illumina / Solexa, ABI / SOLiD and Roche / 454

Package contains:

A. MINT-2 cDNA Synthesis Kit
Fast preparation of full-length enriched cDNA
  • Rapid synthesis of full-length enriched double stranded (ds) cDNA from total or poly(A)+ RNA
  • High content of full length transcripts
  • Includes full size Encyclo PCR kit

B. TRIMMER-2 cDNA Normalization Kit
Equalize transcript concentrations in cDNA
  • Rapid and reliable removal of repeated transcripts from cDNA library
  • Increases frequency of rare transcripts in a cDNA sample
  • Increases likelihood of rare gene discovery
  • No physical separation steps required

For technical details see Evrogen’s Next Generation Sequencing Brochure.

Must use catalog # EVN-SKN01 for this discount.

These Evrogen kits have been optimized in house to be used together – see Fig 1 for typical results.

cDNA normalization result.
Agarose gel electrophoresis of non-normalized (lanes 1) and Trimmer-normalized (lanes 2) amplified cDNA from different human tissues. M - 1 kb DNA size markers, SibEnzyme, Russia.


EVROGEN offers the following services that may be combined or adjusted to fit your needs:

• cDNA preparation
• cDNA library construction
• cDNA normalization
NEW: cDNA depletion
• Subtractive hybridization
• Novel gene cloning and analysis
• Known gene amplification and cloning
• Gene synthesis and modification

EVROGEN provides complex gene discovery service for the identification, cloning, analysis, and modification of customer-specified genes or cDNA. Contact us with a project description and we will design the best possible research strategy to meet your goals quickly, reliably, and inexpensively.

Evrogen Joint Stock Company
16/10 Miklukho-Maklaya str.
Moscow 117997

Tel: +7(495) 988 4084
Fax: +7(495) 988 4085

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Evrogen Catalog
Evrogen Catalog 18-Jan-13
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Library Synthesis and Normalization for Next Gen Sequencing
Library Synthesis and Normalization for Next Gen Sequencing 21-Oct-12
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Fluorescent Protein Minicatalog
Fluorescent Protein Minicatalog 23-Feb-12
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Genetically-encoded photoinducible cell cycle inhibitor ArrestRed
Genetically-encoded photoinducible cell cycle inhibitor ArrestRed 19-Oct-12
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Near infrared reporter for in vivo imaging
Near infrared reporter for in vivo imaging 17-Jan-13
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Antibleaching Live Cell Visualization Medium DMEMgfp
Antibleaching Live Cell Visualization Medium DMEMgfp 19-Oct-12
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Fluorescent tags for in vivo protein labeling
Fluorescent tags for in vivo protein labeling 17-Jan-13
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Fluorescentreporters for in vivocell labeling andmonitoring of promoter activity
Fluorescentreporters for in vivocell labeling andmonitoring of promoter activity 17-Jan-13
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EVROGEN Fluorescent Proteins Poster
EVROGEN Fluorescent Proteins Poster 10-May-12
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