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Monoclonal antibodies manufacturing ... New tools around dendritic cells

Dendritics, a spinoff of Schering Plough’s Laboratory for Immunological Research in France, has gathered high, complementary scientific and technological knowledge in different areas of immunology. The initial focus was in the biology of B lymphocytes, elaboration of human monoclonal antibodies, and in cytokine discovery. The laboratory later specialized in dendritic cells (DC) biology; research was fueled by a large-scale effort to discover and study the function of genes specifically expressed by these cells.

The company offers a broad range of monoclonal antibodies to dendritic cells research laboratories worldwide. The mouse and rat antibodies are logically grouped into several product families:

  • DC subtypes
  • C-type lectin receptors
  • Toll-like receptors
  • DC migration
  • Cytokines and cytokine receptors
  • Antigen processing / presentation, allergy

More recently, Dendritics has developed the Blood B Booster kits (DDXK-HuBBB and DDXK-AnBBB), intended to B cell immortalization (human and several animal species), thus representing the first step towards human and animal monoclonal antibodies.

Dendritics SAS
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